Pay ChargePoint with PayPal or mobile apps

chargepoirntappChargePoint announced that electric vehicle (EV) drivers can sign up and pay for ChargePoint with PayPal.

ChargePoint stations are independently owned, some offer charging for free as  perk or way to attract customers some charge a fee to charge. Over half of the ChargePoint stations network are free.

If there is a fee to use a station, drivers can pay with their ChargePoint account by adding their credit card or use PayPal to get a charge.

When asked for payment information, drivers can choose PayPal and will be directed to to enter their username and password.

To start charging, drivers can use the ChargePoint mobile app or wave their ChargePoint card in front of the station’s card reader.

The first time a driver accesses a station that requires a fee, a $25 deposit will be charged to their account and payment will be deducted from that deposit.

According to the DOE Alternative of Data Center, electric vehicles when using electricity only produce 30 percent fewer lifecycle greenhouse gases than the average conventional vehicle. There are over 250,000 EVs on the road today, nearly double from a year ago.

PayPal has long supported EVs and has installed 34 ChargePoint ports at their San Jose, California, campus for employees and visitors.