Connected car concept cockpit connects it all

cameraintheinstrumentclusterVisteon is a major supplier to car makers. To see what the cockpit of cars will look like in a few years, look at Visteon’s new  connected cockpit concept.  It is designed to securely connect the car to the driver and Cloud computing. The cockpit concept will be demonstrated at Electronica 2014 in Munich.

The OASIS (Optimized. Adaptable. Secure. Intelligent. Seamless) cockpit integrates the driver’s custom profile to the vehicle infotainment system, safely.The systems uses a low energy use Bluetooth profile.

“People are demanding connectivity now in the car,”  said Cisco’s Akshay Singhal.

Video from a camera shows in the instrument cluster.

The cockpit tracks the driver’s interaction with the system and adapts to preferences for apps, preset controls and themes. Visteon created a web portal where the driver interacts with information such as distance/time travels, fuel economy, car expenses and diagnostics.

Visteon reported that customers are interested in the Smart Data feature and immediately begin brainstorming its potential as they consider the various ways this information can be used, noted the researchers.

For system developers data is collected to show how the driver uses the cockpit functions such as gesture controls, steering wheel buttons and voice commands.

Visteon research showed that more than 80% of the participants indicated a willingness to pay a premium to have an updatable, secure, Cloud-connected infotainment system in their next vehicle.

OASIS provides a secure data pipe that automatically switches connection types (modem, phone tether or Wi-Fi) to maintain uninterrupted service to the Cloud.

Visteon also did testing on gesture control of car and infotainment functions with the Horizon Concept Cockpit.