UC Davis hosts NXP connected car security with V2V solar-powered Stella demo

UC Davis consults with the state of California on green car incentives and issues.  After a seminar tomorrow at the university about security and connected cars with a demo of Stella, it may lead to California being the first state with solar powered family cars on the road.

NXP Semiconductors with UC Davis’ Institute of Transportation studies and E-Mobility Connection, will host an automobile security round table on Friday, September 19 at the UC Davis. They will talk about security concerns around connected vehicles and how some of today’s leading manufacturers and industry experts are overcoming these challenges. The first solar car Stella with V2X will be demoed.

The security experts will take an in-depth look at automotive security and how organizations are working towards a more secure automotive industry.

Following the panel, NXP will showcase Stella, the world’s first solar-powered family car, to demonstrate car-to-car (V2V/V2X) technology in action.

Stella in odd way looks like a flattened out Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile in a hamburger form with a very big fat bun covered with solar panels. It can run 800 Kilometers on a charge. Stella generates energy when it is parked at your home. It produces energy. Because there’s not room for a speeddometer The steering wheel expands the faster it goes.  The video claims it is the only car that produces energy.

Stella is doing a world tour and interacts with cities and other cars. She knows when a light is going to change and when traffic ahead is slowing.

hicle contains some of the latest V2X automotive technology, including technology to detect road works and send alerts drivers. The unique vehicle will be making its first US appearance at the show in Detroit. – See more at: http://blog.nxp.com/nxp-at-its-world-congress-v2x-live-in-action-on-belle-isle/#sthash.SDd8SJTa.dpuf

The panel will be moderated by Junko Yashida, Chief International Correspondent of the EE Times.

Speakers include:

  • Andreas Mai, Director Smart Connected Vehicles at Cisco
  • Frank Provenzano, Group Director of New Media at Econolite
  • Eric Mark Huitema, Global Manager of Smarter Transportation at IBM-
  • Lars Reger, Vice President Strategy, New Business and R&D for the automotive business unit at NXP
  • Willem Bulthuis, member of the Board of Management at Secunet-
  • Professor Karl Levitt, UC Davis-
  • Prof Maarten Steinbuch, Einhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)


The event will be held at UC Davis West Village, 1605 Tilia St. Rooms 1103/1111, Davis, CA 95616 When: Friday, September 19, 20141:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. PDT If interested in attending, please register online through Eventbrite.