Tesla Model S software v6.0 update with localized suspension and remote start

featuresteslaappTesla is sending out an over-the-air update for Tesla S cars with new  features that include hill start assist, smart suspension controls, and energy saving sleep mode.

The Software v6.0 update introduces traffic-based navigation, commute advice, daily schedules, location-based air suspension settings, allows owners to name their Model S and start it remotely using a mobile phone.

New features in the Tesla S update are:

  • Location-Based Air Suspension (for models with air suspension)- For roads or driveways that require higher than normal clearance, the Model S will remember where high ride heights were selected automatically adjust the air suspension at those locations
  • Commute Advice – Model S will monitor traffic before starting a weekday commute and alert with a pop-up message when a faster route is available.
  • Calendar (BETA) – Model S will synch with your smartphone calendar to show a large in-car view of your daily schedule. If the event is entered in the phone it will, tap on the event in your calendar to bring up route directions.
  • Remote Start – Model S smartphone app lets the driver start the car with a smartphone with a password.
  • Name Your Car – The Model S nickname is official and appears in the Tesla mobile app and in the About Your Tesla section on the touchscreen.
  • Power Management Options – Tesla Model S is place energy saving mode at night to help maximize available energy.
  • Traffic-Based Navigation – Navigation will now provide route suggestions based on real-time traffic and calculate estimated travel times and dynamically update as traffic conditions change. It can use data shared by other Tesla vehicles on the road.

There are Tesla apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. There is also a third-party TeslaGlass app.

Tesla forum users have reported better charging and higher mileage on a charge.

There is also confusion about the remote start that requires an internet connection in the car and with a phone which can be hard to get in underground parking garages, remote locations and when your phone is dead. It is described as longwinded and complicated and slow.

This software update represents Tesla’s commitment to improving its ride and supporting customers after they purchase cars.