Ford Sync App Finalists 4 Connected Car Expo

FordevelopersconferenceThe finalists were announced for the Ford App contest in Las Vegas, during Super Mobility week.  Here is list of the winners who will come to Los Angeles for Connected Car Expo at the LA Auto Show. We were hoping that there would be more solutions for Los Angeles’ parking quagmire.

Here are the finalists. Our Connected Car Expo rep said that they will be preparing a news release on Monday:

  • Live Drive from Cox Automotive Group in Irvine, California, turn safe driving into a game. Real-time traffic data collection from the car is translated it into a fun social game with live feedback.
  • Joyride from RockFish in Cincinnati, OH, gives a way to make travel interesting. The application t notifies drivers when they are near an interesting location for places play, eat and learn. Joyride will use city data for parking, street construction, and murals/events. Joyride uses car data for GPS external temperature and fuel level.
  • Pure Focus from IBM Pure Focus in Allen Park, MI,  helps drivers focus on safe driving on a regular basis. Users get rewards for safer better driven. Using  LA data, the app will alert users when they are entering dangerous areas.  “Car to car” which allows users to connect with other drivers and provide feedback on their driving.
  • Map Radio from Inov IT, Pesnica Slovenia this map using data for weather, traffic, integration with calendar, personalized news (listen to full stories), accidents (alert dangerous intersection with LA Data), local music, contextual offers (app purchase, 3rd< screen for passengers), car diagnostic data, POI integration and routing.
  • Trace from Concur Technologies in Bellevue, WA, lets uses swipe expenses away.  Using data from the city of LA to pre-populate fields when the driver gets into car, the driver is asked is they want to log your expenses. At the end of the day, when the driver gets back it pushes a notification and reconciling expenses. Every time the drivers start/stop it is logged in For Sync.
  • Fuel Signal is a GPS application that enables drivers to find the nearest gas station and give consumers a discount. The app will be use alternation fueling station locator from City of LA. About 14, 723 listed and will integrate data into the app so it will be easy for user to enter into those stations. Plans to launch in 2 weeks in Austin, Texas.
  • myLifeSync from LocBridge is an intelligent companion inside and outside the car. It is a platform that knows hour preferences, needs, work schedule all maintained in the cloud connected car for safety, eco driving, social responsibility, cost savings, and easy access to information.
  • Ford iAlert app will generate an alert, Get Tire Pressure from the Vehicle Information, Generate lat & long of location using GPS location, Update the HMI with Text to inform customer and Identify the nearest driver.
  • 3sAcrowd  is used for when there are others in the car and the drivers doesn’t wan them to hear his call using Wi-Fi scanning it shows other devices hence passengers in the car. The caller has the option of declining call because they want a private conversation and then the caller will get a notification.

First Prize winner gets $15,000. Each of the 10 finalists received a Ford AppLink TDK. The winning teams have 9 weeks in which to further innovate and refine each app for the Los Angeles market.