Centralized ICT RACE EV concept from Siemens

inno_fo_1423_2-1Siemens claims it has redesigned information and communications technology (ICT) for electric cars by controlling multiple vehicle systems on a central platform  instead of  every system having its own hardware and software.

Today, cars can have as many as 70 different control systems with thousands of subfunctions. The ICT system simplifies the interplay of the many assistance, safety, and infotainment systems.

Siemens also claims that separating the software from the technology enables the ability to add new features.  Integrated standard components such as proximity sensors, control units, and display elements could be used for new functions in automobiles like apps on smartphones can add new functions to cameras and GPS.

The new ICT architecture will simplify the introduction of new features in electric cars and is more cost-effective, noted Siemens.

It will be testedd on a StreetScooter electric delivery vehicle by December 2014. Thre Street Scooter will incorporate new functions into the system and integrate them into the car.

StreetScooter GmbH develops and makes electric vehicles for short runs such transport vehicles used for parcel delivery services or local public transportation.

The all-new ICT concept was developed by Siemens’ global Corporate Technology (CT) department and its partners in the government-funded RACE project.

The government-funded project RACE (Robust and Reliant Automotive Computing Environment for Future eCars) will run until the end of 2014.