New connected car research shows definition needed and ADAS wanted

wordsnoticedWe’ve seen recent studies in connected car research from Harris, Frost and SullivanParks Associates  JD Power, Telefónica , and now Waggener Edstrom has released their research on connected cars.

Their new study found that with 90% of respondents own a
technology device , 82% said they have either never heard of the phrase “connected car” or they do not know what it means (read deffinition of connected car).

Connected Car Apps Wanted

  • 57% said they currently owned a smartphone and showed an interest in mobile apps that connected to their cars.
  • 46% said it was very likely they would download an app that would notify them of upcoming traffic congestion and suggest an alternate route.
  • 44% said it was very likely they would download an app that tracked the location of their vehicle.
  • 42% reported they would be very likely to download an
    app that allowed their car’s in-dash computer to pay
    for parking meters or highway tolls.
  • 41% wanted to find parking locations.
  • 40% wanted apps to check gas levels.

whatwantedADAS Features Wanted

  • 36%wanted a camera or monitor to assist with backing up.
  • 35% said a collision-warning system was important to them.
  • 34% would like a keyless entry system.
  • 30% said an in-dash GPS navigation system was something they would like to have in their next car.

Waggener Edstrom noted to turn the tide of public perception about connected cars markers must also target the proper bloggers, tech reporters, and automotive media (such as AUTO Connected Car.)  Read the report.