JD Power voices voice recognition problems with connected car systems

voice_control_systemCar makers are not listening to what people want in voice recognition systems reported Kristin Kolodge, JD Power’s executive director of driver interaction.

JD Power studies in the United States have shown that voice recognition is the most common type of problem voiced by car owners.

As much as one-third of infotainment system glitches were due to voice recognition, Kolodge said during a presentation at the 2014 Management Briefing Seminars.

The interest in natural language voice recognition before knowing the price was 70% while it dipped to 44% at a price of $500.

Most drivers gave voice recognition systems a failing grade, while few wanted more features, most just want the systems to work correctly.

Unfortunately, in-car infotainment and navigation system voice recognition does not work as well as smartphones. Voice systems in cars usually malfunction due to road noise, engine noise and passenger conversations.

JD Power believes that car makers should concentrate on more basic features including phone calls, navigation and audio.

The increase in problems among all-new vehicles was found in  voice recognition, Bluetooth pairing and audio systems. The problems stem from new technology that doesn’t work as easily as expected. JD Power studies also found that the fewer problems owners experience with their vehicle, the greater their loyalty to the brand.

However, almost all automakers are struggling to do this flawlessly with some consumers indicating that the technology is hard to understand, difficult to use, or simply does not always work as designed.” – See more at: http://www.jdpower.com/press-releases/2014-us-initial-quality-study-iqs#sthash.smjHDeDP.dpuf

New technology coming from QNX is expected to help with noise cancellation.  QNX Acoustics for Voice 3.0 offers advancements in echo cancellation, noise reduction, adaptive equalization, automatic gain control, and other features for processing. Announced at Telematics Detroit, analysts have stated that the sound systems and voice recognition are the best, heard so far.