iPhone 5/5C/5S CarPlay Delays 2015 for MB, Volvo while Hyundai on target

VolvoCarPlayIt looks like that many of the carmakers who committed to Apple CarPlay for iPhone5 and later are not able to get the feature out this year and will launch CarPlay at later dates.

So far Mercedes, Volvo, Honda do not have exact dates for  CarPlay with most coming in 2015 while CarPlay compatible Hyundai 2015 Sonata models are being sold with a promise of a CarPlay update by the end of this year.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesman confirmed that although Apple lists Mercedes-Benz as a 2014 CarPlay partner, the release has been pushed into 2015

Mercedes is working on a highly sophisticated head-unit based solution, which will enable CarPlay as well as other systems such as MirrorLink. The company is not quite sure if they will offer an aftermarket solution. CarPlay won’t be available by the end of this year, but in 2015.

Volvos’s supper smart connected XC90 is expected to have CarPlay but the company confirmed “full CarPlay functionality” won’t come until later in 2015. A Volvo spokesman have said that when the Volvo XC90, is launched on Tuesday, 8/26, more details about CarPlay will be announced.

According to IHS Honda has put off CarPlay until 2015 with no specific date set

Hyundai stated when it released its new Sonata in July that it would be compatible with CarPlay, with Audio Video Navigation (AVN) upgrade with next-generation Blue Link systems through a software upgrade by the end of 2015. Hyundai also stated that it committed to Android Auto.

“We’re still on target. We’re performing the final validation tests,” said Hyundai spokesman Miles Johnson, who explained that he currently has CarPlay on an SD card that he can use with Sonata systems.  Everything has to be tested with all systems in the car before it can be released.

Hyundai Sonata the first nonluxury car in America to offer CarPlay

Hyundai’s AVN systems allow Hyundai, Android Auto or CarPlay content to co-exist simultaneously.