Continental ITS connected cars(NV) headed by Oz in Silicon Valley

itsContinental has put together an international team  from the IT and automotive industries to work on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), called “Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems, LLC”

It will be headquartered in the Silicon Valley and guided by Seval Oz, an expert in vehicle networking and automation. In her previous role she worked on Google’s self-driving car project.

ITS defined as the extensive, intelligent networking of modes of transport and traffic facilities. The networked vehicle (NV) – or connected car – and ITS are part of the technology of future transportation.

Continental is currently one of the main suppliers of core ITS components for carmakers.

Continental claims that ITS will help find solutions to global transportation problems such as gridlock, traffic-induced pollution, and accidents caused by human error.

V2v an V2I  can lead to intelligent applications will make driving  better with things such as danger notifications and traffic management. Continental believes that data security and management are important.

To help develop ITS system, Continental has partnered with IBM for data, Cisco for security  and Nokia HERE for maps and telematics.

Oz, the CEO of the new company, will be responsible for all new business and activities connected with Continental’s ITS endeavors worldwide.

In her previous position Oz served as Senior Business Development Manager at Google Inc., where she helped launch  the self-driving car.