Winning AT&T connected car hackers: app-makers for safer, greener & well fed drivers

hackathonappsjpgAT&T Connected Car Hackathon winners were announced after a weekend event in Santa Clara, CA.  The apps make for safer, green and less hungry drivers.

Here are the winners.

●  Best Connected Car App – $10,000 – StayingAlive helps drivers stay alive and don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Driver distraction and drowsiness is the #1 cause for all major – especially – fatal car accidents..  Sophisticated face detection is used to distinguish when the driver is nodding off or is not paying attention. This gives a rising series of “nice” warnings to annoying alarms.

Best Use of AT&T APIs – $2,000 – AutoOrder allows drivers to safely order food while driving so they can pick it up at the restaurant.

Best Use of Esri Technologies – $1,000 – The Greener app turns eco-friendly driving habits into a game. Greener takes mojio device data about hard braking and fast acceleration (things that waste gas and are bad for the environment) and displays it in real-time on a phone mounted on a dashboard. Over time, the driver learns how to drive efficiently, use less gas, have less wear on their car, and be a safer driver. Good for the planet and good for the bottom line.

AT&T has a big automotive test and development center in Atlanta, Georgia.