Jenny McCarthy bad example for parents everywhere

jennymacarthyJenny McCarthy on her Sirius radio show did what a parent should never do in front of a child.  She was texting while driving.  Her twelve-year-old son Evan called the cops.

To punish her son, she threw his cell phone out the window.  She laughed about it, however both things she did were very dangerous. Throwing things out of car windows can hit a windshield and cause an accident.

McCarthy’s radio show is called “Dirty Sexy Funny” adjectives which do not describe the incident involving the former hostess on “The View.”

McCarthy has several safer alternatives such as using voice-to- text on Android or Siri on an iPhone. Evan could install an app that shuts off texting while driving such as the Otter app which is safer than the soon to be release Apple CarPlay.

Almost half of commuters admitted to texting while driving. Those who send text messages while driving are 23 times more likely to be in a crash.  If employees are texting while driving in company cars, then the business is liable. Recently the California Highway Patrol was enforcing texting while driving laws.

Anti-texting while driving commercials show horrific crashes. It would definitely not be dirty, sexy or funny if McCarthy killed someone.

She also thinks moonshine is funny see the Tweet below.

She also doesn’t need one of these, she needs a better connected car system such as found in Nissan.