BMW new super chargers & free charging @ NRG eVgo through 2015

nrgevestationAt Plug-In 2014, in San Jose, BMW made two announcements free NRG eVgo charging and a new fast charger.

BMW with NRG eVgo, will offer free charging to BMW i3 drivers at participating eVgo Freedom Station sites equipped with DC Combo Fast Charging in California through 2015.

Using their ChargeNow cards, BMW i3 drivers will have unlimited 30-minute DC fast charging sessions with the ChargeNow DC Fast program.

In order to receive the full benefits of the program, BMW i3 drivers must use the ChargeNow card, provided with their BMW i3, to charge the vehicle at least once by December 31, 2014, at a participating eVgo Freedom Station. By doing so, BMW i3 drivers will enjoy continued access to no cost DC charging sessions through the end of 2015. Eligible BMW i3 vehicles must be equipped with the DC Fast Charging option (SAE).

eVgo will deploy a minimum of 100 BMW i3 compatible DC Fast Chargers across California to support the ChargeNow DC Fast Program.

New BMW i DC Faster Charger

BMW i DC Fast Chargers can charge BMW i3’s  battery up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Developed through a joint venture between BMW and Bosch Automotive Service Solutions BMW i DC Fast Chargers are half the size of a traditional electric vehicle DC charger –(31”H x 19”W x 12”D 100lbs) The chargers can be wall mounted and cost $6,548 from authorized BMW partners in August.

The 24 kW DC Fast Charger feeds the current directly the battery, for an efficient and faster charge. Features include:

  • SAE Combo 1 connector.
  • Rugged aluminum IP54 enclosure for extreme weather conditions, from -40°F to 185°F.
  • ChargePoint network-enabled.

BMW announced that it will begin testing an electric vehicle integration platform developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The platform is designed to help utilities manage when plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) are charged, a process known as demand charging. This would make it possible for utilities to schedule electric vehicle charging for those times during the day when demand for electricity is relatively low, which could save BMW i drivers money while charging.  EPRI will work with eight automakers and 15 utility providers across the U.S. to develop an interface that, in addition to scheduling of charging would also, synchronize EV charging with renewable energy when available, and take advantage of real-time changes in the price of electricity in order to lower the cost of charging.