Park Your Car in the Solar Yard|BMW i8 Solar Car Port with Matching Luggage

BMWcarportThe BMW i8 plug-in hybrid designed for zero-emission can be charged by a specially designed solar car park port. It looks like something right out of the Jeston’s but also looks like a futuristic flying car hop will come out and serve you burgers and a shake. For a special connected car assemble, you can also getting a matching set of luggage from Louis Vuitton.

At the international media launch of the BMW i8 in Los Angeles, BMW showed a solar carport concept developed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA. It offers cutting edge  electricity generating technology from solar power with a svelte design that coordinates with the style of the BMW i8.

The solar carport is also designed with sustainable materials. Besides the carbon elements on the side of the carport, the main material used is bamboo in the form of struts.

Bamboo is considered a  sustainable raw material because it grows quickly.  High-grade glass-on-glass solar modules are translucent, durable and generate a high energy yield.

The solar carport lets customers remain independent of electricity prices. In conjunction with the BMW i Wallbox Pro, the car can be specifically charged with solar electricity from the carport.

The Wallbox also indicates how much of the power is solar and how much grid power.  If the solar panels provide energy beyond what is needed by the BMW i8, the extra solar power can be put to domestic use.

Generating private electricity with the aid of solar collectors and feeding this CO2-free energy via the BMW i Wallbox into the car high-voltage battery optimizes of the life cycle assessment of the BMW i models.

Regularly hooking up the high-voltage battery to the Wallbox connected to the solar carport enables a high degree of CO2-neutral usage of the BMW i8.

With a fully charged high-voltage battery, the plug-in hybrid sports car has a range of around 22 miles in all-electric mode.

During development of the solar carport concept by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the focus was on the harmonious interplay between vehicle design and architecture.

Don’t Forget the Matching Luggage

If you really love your BMW i8 you can get matching luggage from Louis Vuitton made from carbon fiber. The luggage collection includes two travel bags, a business case and a garment bag. To make sure the baggage fits the car, the luggage items have been tailor-made to fit perfectly into the interior of the BMW i8. The carbon fiber bags are lightweight yet extremely sturdy no matter how long the drive.


The exclusive luggage pieces created by Louis Vuitton fit snugly into the BMW i8. The Weekender GM i8, with both hand and shoulder carry straps, is designed to go into the trunk. The Garment Bag i8 is a perfect fit for the rear shelf of the BMW i8. The sturdy hardshell Business Case i8 forg laptops and tech gear, matches the shape of the rear seats. The small Weekender PM i8 is designed to rest on its surface.

bmwbusinesscaseYou can’t buy the cases online.  The Business Case is  $7,1500.00, the smaller Weekender colst $6750 and the larger Weekender costs $7,600,  The garment bag is only $4,550.

The BMW Group subsidiary headquartered in California runs an international design studio network in Europe, Asia and America.