Better Connected Cars: IBM MobileFirst & Bosch Tooling Up for Connected Future

IBM is deployed in many aspects of the connected car space. IBM software and platforms can be found in the latest connected car features and behind the scenes making the best automotive parts that connect with the technology in cars.IBMmobile

IBM is working on platform that connects cars in a very useful ways. The platform is called MobileFirst. I saw a demo of the IBM  technology is deployed to all drivers in a geo-fenced area alerting drivers that there is a danger. The new tech can also notify cars to turn on their windshield wipers. The software notices when an airbag is deployed and then send danger alerts to drivers nearby.

The software knows the exact GPS location and speed of each car. It knows it the windshield wipers are on and if the air bags are deployed.

Hundreds of cars in motion sent data via MQTT to IBM MessageSight. Real-time Big Data and geospatial analytics are delivered in microseconds by InfoSphere Streams for road conditions, accidents, and disaster zones. Alerts are sent to cars via the HTML5 Worklight app.

IBM has announced it is working with Continental. IBM Big Data and Analytics and IBM MobileFirst will be deployed in PSA Peugeot Citroen vehicles.

Meanwhile, IBM and Bosch have partnered  to make a  new, data-driven systems engineering platform to more efficiently and accurately develop intelligent, connected car products.The platform is based on open standard and can scale to thousands of partners, clients, engineers and technicians.

Cars contain as many as 100 computerized controllers and 10 million lines of software code. Driven by innovation and rapid electronics development, vehicle and parts makers have to find a way to adapt quickly. IBM claims that this platform will make it easier for the automotive supply chain and be more efficient.

The IBM solution was chosen for its scalability and efficiency.  Bosch believes it will easily meet safety and maturity standards such as ISO26262, ASPICE, AUTOSAR and others as they continue to evolve.

Bosch’s engineering platform is founded upon Continuous Engineering principles and built on IBM’s technology for systems and software engineering. This includes IBM Rational solutions covering Requirement, Design and Quality Management, Collaboration and Engineering Lifecycle Management.