Most Wanted Auto Connected Car Tech Flash Back: Some Already Here Today

nighthawkAccording to a J.D. Power study in 2012 the following were the most wanted features in vehicles.  When we look at the list today, to see if your car has all of the features. We put a yes to features we are sure you can buy today.

  1. LED Headlights – yes. (GE Nighthawk LED headlamps are shown in the photo)
  2. Natural Language Voice Activation- yes (Siri, Cortana and Google Android and more.)
  3. Next-generation Head-up Display- projection vehicle data and images onto the windshield for driver reference – yes.
  4. Wireless Connectivity System- connecting smartphones with a vehicle’s information and entertainment system – yes.
  5. Remote Vehicle Diagnostics–The ability to check vehicle system condition remotely, or to operate vehicle systems via smartphone application, is of greater interest to consumers.  Which included remote cabin temperature control – yes.
  6. HD Radio – yes.
  7. Enhanced Collision-Mitigation System–sounds a warning and preps brakes to deliver full braking power when the driver reacts to the warning. Advanced enhanced systems can apply the brakes for the driver to stop the vehicle when traveling at low speeds or to slow the vehicle before impact at higher speeds – somewhat…?
  8. Surround-view Rear-vision Camera -yes.
  9. Personal Assistance Safety Systems– subscriptions that automatically notify authorities of a collision and or provide a direct connection to a live operator in the event of an emergency- yes
  10. Autonomous Driving Systems– systems exist in testing but are not commercially available.

You are welcome to state make and model of cars with the features listed by numbering one, two, three, etc in the comments below.