Convisint’s BlueLink Like iPhone/iPod for Cars with Google Glass and Siri Eyes?

CovisintstudyThere are a lot of questions raised in Covisint’s study on auto-owners and engagement. Covisint provided the platform for the Hyudai BlueLink system that connects to Google Glass and has Siri Eyes Free.

The study shows that the overall impression of the car maker improves with a great connected car experience over the life of the car and car owner.

In way, connected cars are trying to do what Apple did with its iPod and iPhone system. After creating iTunes to sell music on iPods, it gave Apple an edge in creating a the iPhone with iTunes. Then iPhone owners bought iPads and now more Apple computers are sold than ever before to iPhone/iPad customers. Apple families tend to have more than one Apple device

When a car maker engages the customer in connected cars, the connections stays with the customers even after they drive off the show room floor. Connected cars give car makers the ability to engage with the new owner continuously. Most cars lose value as they age and are used, however, Connected vehicle services improve the connection with the car owner over time.

In the Covisint study 60% or more of the new car owners studied  agreed Internet connected cars;

  • Improve satisfaction with the vehicle and driving.
  • Improve opinion about the car maker.
  • Improve the value of the vehicle in my overall life.

Previously car owners had to get information about their cars from the dealer’s website, loan provider and car maker in truly connected cars all that information is one place, on the owners device and in the car itself.

OEMs are being pressured by consumers to fit in their lives the way they want to be connected, where the vehicle is simply one more mechanism to “connect.”

A connected car is a way for people to connected the entire world and everything that matters to them.  Connectivity should be a standard part of a how business should be done.

Designers, engineers, manufacturers, marketers and quality arrangement in the auto industry can work together to define a connected ownership experience.  Suppliers, dealers, car financiers, and insurance companies when connected to the connected car experience to communicate with customers will create satisfaction and loyalty.  To build brand and customer experiences, make the best, fastest customer experience possible.

In the future, Covisint sees technology where someone can hop into a rental car, be identified and have her/his own best app experience. The next connectivity is cross-industry activity for example car accident notification sends, blood type, medication and other medication information to emergency responders.

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