Automatic Updated with iBeacon for More Connected Car Features

automatic connected carAutomatic‘s smart driving assistant that connects to the OBII port on cars and iOS devices is being updated with iBeacon functionality.

iBeacon is a feature in Bluetooth 4 ant allows devices near each other share information. For example, iBeacons in Apple Stores  are used to share information with customers.iBeacon could allow users to transmit or receive information from nearby sensors.

Automatic CEO Thejo Kote, stated that Automatic can enable new applications with potential partners. iBeacon may enable payments for parking, or fueling making it easier.

The iBeacon functionality is enabled through the software update.  Automatic is expected to work with Android devices soon.

Automatic offers accident support and car locating. Plug Automatic Link into your car’s computer.  It uses low-wattage Bluetooth to send information to iPhone 4/4S/5/5s. (A new Android app is coming is expected soon.)Automatic is $99.99 and does not require subscription fees.  Automatic apps also gives tips for better driving.