Ovey! Make Ovi maps directions in your own voice or mother’s voice

ovi-maps-own-voice-150x150.jpgSome people just can’t take directions from anyone.  You may need your map directions from, your mother, your spouse or even yourself. 

Now you can get voice directions told to you in a personally chosen voice. The Ovi Blog calls Own Voice for Ovi Maps the “funniest addition” to Ovi Maps,

Users can personalize Ovi Maps voice guided drive
navigation instructions with your own voice, or other users’, friends’ or
family’s voices. This works with the latest
version of Nokia’s Ovi Maps. If you don’t already have Ovi Maps v3.03
with free worldwide walk and drive navigation, download it at http://nokia.com/maps. The Flash examples shows an example from Mike who says, “Turn left, honey,” 

To start recording your voice pack visit http://ovi.com/ownvoice
or download the application from the Ovi Store. You
will be guided through each phrase to say and you can listen to each bit
after you have recorded it. When you’re done, you can also record a
short description of your voice pack as a preview for other users.

To save recording time, only the  most frequently used instructions
are recorded, to be precise, 53 of them. Remaining ones are added in the
server to create a complete package. Due to that, after recording your
part, it will be uploaded, missing instructions are added and complete
package is created and downloaded back to your phone. Then just open Ovi
Maps and select Settings > Navigation > Drive guidance > Own
Voice to activate it.

Own Voice also supports social features: you can in fact browse other
users’ voice packs, rate them and share them via E-mail, Twitter or